What can Crystalline Dreams offer you? Above all, Tara provides a safe space where you can explore your spirituality and heal. Metaphysical/spiritual journeys can be mind-blowing, topsy turvy roller coasters, so here at Crystalline Dreams, you have support to access your own intuitive knowledge, as well as expertise on the use of crystals and accessing past (or other) lives. Tara encourages you to find unique ways to be whole, including art, meditation, and spending time in nature.

If you have an open mind and an open heart, and you want to work through your old issues, or even if you're simply curious about metaphysics and spirituality, Crystalline Dreams is the place for you. When you work through your issues, healing takes place on all levels--physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Your life transforms, and you live (mostly) in a state of unconditional love and peace.

How can Crystalline Dreams help you find that place? We currently offer crystal healing sessions, past (or other) life regressions, and various events. Other services will pop up as Tara evolves. And because of the role food plays in our lives and spirituality, you will find services related to food (specifically, food allergies) added over time. Take the time to explore this site, to see how the services provided can help you on your healing journey towards peace and unconditional love. 

Tara Olowoye, the heart behind Crystalline Dreams, has taken a long and winding road to this place. An American (ehem, or, Citizen of Mother Earth) transplanted to the UK, Tara has always loved rocks (ask anyone who's ever been with her to Greece) and has always been interested in metaphysics. After an experience in 2011 unexpectedly gave Tara the gift of Reiki (becoming a Reiki Master), she went on her own intense healing journey, and even earned a certificate in Intuitive Wellness from the Pyramid Holistic Wellness Center in Rutland, Vermont (USA), in 2013. It was there that she realized her affinity for working with crystals (remembering her love for rocks!), and has integrated them into every aspect of her life since. Tara now embraces her life as a completely normal multidimensional wife and mother who spends a lot of time dreaming (sleep and awake) and building her dreams (aka aspirations). Tara is available to speak at events on mindfulness, meditation, crystals, using intuition, and all things spiritual and metaphysical!

So...ready to take the plunge with Crystalline Dreams and Tara?  

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