How do you know if you’re grounded?

How’s your memory? What did your kid/partner tell you five minutes ago? Are you calm? Happy? Do you relive the past or dream about the future more than you live in the present? Are you hung up on the woulda-coulda-shouldas, or some ideal of what your life will be in five years?

We here in the woo woo world talk about being grounded all the time, but it’s not always clear what that means. To me, being grounded means living fully in your body and your life. It means not living in the what was or focusing on what will be to the detriment of what’s currently going on. It means being right here, right now (cue JESUS JONES). It means being present.

What are the best ways to ground yourself?

  •  Put down your smartphone. Or tablet. Or laptop.
  • Stick your hands and/or feet in some dirt. Or grass. Hug a tree. Sit on a beach. Sit under a tree.
  • Be mindful of what you’re doing…use your senses of taste, touch, sight, hearing, and smelling to really experience what you’re doing at any given moment.
  • Stare into your partner’s or child’s eyes…and if you don’t have a partner or child, find a close friend (because staring into a stranger’s eyes might be weird). Hold hands. Cuddle.
  • Run. Walk. Jump. Dance. Do yoga. Live in your body fully by doing something physical.
  • Eat. Especially eat grounding foods, which I think of as potatoes (any variety), nuts, root vegetables, and beans.
  • Drink water.
  • Say thank you, in your head or out loud, it really doesn’t matter. Say thank to everyone and everything that crosses your path. Even say thank you as you swallow that water or food.
  • Meditate sitting directly on the earth.
  • Use grounding crystals.

What crystals are good for grounding?

The black stones are my favorites for grounding, because they connect to the root and earth chakras:

Hematite, Black Tourmaline, and Black Obsidian

Hematite, Black Tourmaline, and Black Obsidian

Hematite is helpful for grounding, as well as integrating physical and spiritual energies.

Black tourmaline not only grounds energy, it also helps relieve stress and changes negative energy into positive. For this reason, I have gridded the bedrooms in my home with black tourmaline.

Black obsidian is the most known grounding stone. It helps you let go of negativity, especially fear and anger (the evil twins!).

While these are the usual grounding stones, I also like to use dark green stones like Moss Agate for grounding, because of their connection both to nature and the heart chakra.

Moss Agate

Moss Agate

Moss agate in particular helps in grounding, but also because of its connection to the heart chakra, it helps with emotional healing. Moss agate also works to balance out the two sides of the brain, which is useful on a practical level.

These are the tricks I use to ground myself, especially when I’ve been doing a lot of healing work on clients or myself. Give them a try–you’ll feel more grounded in your body and your life!

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