Creating Space

Over the weekend, I watched my five year old as she had her first swimming lesson in the next stage up. It has happened before, where she changed teachers or changed venues, and where before she had been timid or nervous, she simply did what was asked of her. Watching her like this reminded me that when we give ourselves the space to do new things, more often than not, we can actually do them. It’s more about allowing ourselves and removing self-imposed limitations.

This new year, 2019, is going to be all about creating space to allow ourselves to evolve, blossom, and thrive. I don’t know yet what that means for me, yet I look forward to each new day and intentionally open myself to the possibilities. With that being said, new products and services will appear on this site over the coming days and months. Additional changes will come as the year progresses, including some very exciting ones! I’m looking forward to seeing how my abilities evolve and what that means for Crystalline Dreams with Tara Olowoye (see? Already changing how I offer myself to the world with now using my name instead of hiding behind a business name.)

So what does the year have in store for you? Open your heart, create the space you need for your own evolution. I promise it will be worth it!

Much love,