Refocusing Intents

Since the inception of Crystalline Dreams, I have tried a variety of activities….selling crystals at markets and fairs really pushed me out of my comfort zone! Much of my social media has focused on selling crystals, as well. However, the only thing I’ve ever really wanted to do in this life is help people. My (metaphysical/spiritual) way of helping people is probably not for everyone, and I am working toward a broader goal that might be more palatable to those who are unlikely to use my current services. Over the past two years, I’ve come to realize that I am not interested in only selling crystals. I have gifts and talents that can be used elsewhere to greater effect. After much rethinking, I am refocusing the intent of Crystalline Dreams—which is one of the reasons why you’ll now see it as Crystalline Dreams with Tara Olowoye.

Setting intentions for our lives and our work are important, because how we approach a task and the attitude we have towards it can change our experience of doing the task. Setting intentions also helps us focus, as well as to allow energies from the Universe to help us achieve our goals.

With that in mind, I set new intentions for my Crystalline Dreams work:

  • I intend to work with people to help them discover their own internal light, to find peace, and to find healing. I intend that clients who can benefit from our work together will come with ease.

  • I intend to work with people primarily through private sessions, and also through certain events.

  • I intend for all of my work to contribute to my broader goal, and to also contribute to the collective energies for universal love and peace.

Helping people in my own special way is the reason for my being. I was born with a feeling of massive responsibility to this time period, this planet, and the humanity that occupies both. So here I am, showing up, ready to work.

With love,