Where the Magic Happens

I’ve been feeling very much as if I were in a cocoon lately.

Emotions and moods have been intense, without even really knowing why. And I’ve preferred my cocoon to the company of others (sorry, Family!!), silence over the chatter and noise of everyday life.

While I know dramatic changes are occurring, my conscious mind is unaware of their exact nature. Think about it though….a caterpillar wraps herself in an unappealing cocoon, only to break free some time later as a beautiful butterfly. The magic happens inside that tough, antisocial shell. We don’t understand it, we can’t describe it, we only know It Is. This is exactly how I’ve been feeling. I don’t know what magic is happening, I only know It Is.

The best we can do for ourselves in times like this is intense self-care. Rest when needed/whenever possible. Find silent moments. Take deep breaths. Drink lots of water. Spend time in nature, hugging trees or simply moving our bodies. Stretch. Most importantly, allow. Allow the magic, even in times of doubt and misunderstanding. Allow the magic to happen so that when we break free from our chrysalis, we can fly freely as the beautiful creatures we are.