Work with Tara at Crystalline Dreams to help you journey within. Discover your talents, discover your light, and rejuvenate your spiritual self. 


What can Crystalline Dreams offer you? Above all, we offer a safe space where you can explore your spirituality and heal. Metaphysical/spiritual journeys can be mind-blowing, topsy turvy roller coasters, so here at Crystalline Dreams, you have support to access your own intuitive knowledge, as well as expertise on the use of crystals and accessing past (or other) lives. Read more >>


Crystals are natural healers, helping with mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual matters. At Crystalline Dreams, we use a wide variety of quality crystals in our sessions. Tara hand picks gemstones based on client needs. Clients may also purchase stones of their choice, or the ones used in their sessions. Read more >>


At Crystalline Dreams, Tara provides services customized to your needs and intentions. If you don't see something you'd like in the service listings below, ask! Tara looks forward to working with you! Read more >>

What our Clients Say


"I looked forward to every meeting. It was a step into the unknown. When I would leave, I’d be in a little haze, as if certain of my senses were heightened while others were suppressed. I liked feeling unexplainable things happen inside my body. Also, I liked how our sessions began and ended with mini-“talk therapy.” I don’t know if that is normally what you would do with a client, but I enjoyed it.”

- Stay-At-Home Mom